Coming to a Screen near you

The event will be Sunday, July 12th to Sunday, July 19th (breaking for Shabbat) 

Shopping with a Purpose

In these days of Amazon and other large retailers, wouldn’t it be great to support a small business owner or artisan and be able to purchase unique items with the click of your mouse?

Na’amat Canada has partnered with a group of vendors to bring you some unique items from the comfort of your screen. And your purchases will be delivered to your front door.

All vendors have made a donation in order to participate in our event, we are not asking for donations from you! We just need your online support to help grow this event and make it a success!  We are asking you to: 

  • Join the Facebook event  - Link coming soon
  • Invite all your friends who you think would be interested! 
  • Share the event on your own profile
  • Browse the content and purchase products or services if you want to! 
  • “Like” interesting posts and comment on them as well to promote discussion!
  • NOTE: You do not need to be on Facebook to join the event

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Na'amat Canada's priority is to keep our members, donors, volunteers and employees safe.

With the growing concern of the spread of the virus, we have postponed, converted them to online or cancelled all of our events.

Our offices are open, but we are working remotely. Please continue to call or email as you usually do. All your messages will be answered in a timely manner.

We must remember to check on those who may not have someone checking on them. Be kind and do what you can to help each other. We will get through this difficult time together.

We do have the ability to send greeting cards if you would like to send someone a message. Please call or email our office:

·       National: 514.488.0792 naamat@naamat.com 

·       Montreal: 514.484.0252 montreal.info@naamat.com 

·       Toronto: 416.636.5425 toronto.info@naamat.com 

You may also send a card online by clicking here


Our Story

Way before the MeToo and TimesUp movements, Na'amat was pioneering how women could work with men in equality and harmony, and help other women improve their families and society.

In those early years, Na'amat was called Pioneer Women. Their members were out in the fields, factories and communal kitchens, building better lives for women in Israel, even before it was a state. Golda Meir was one of its first founders and her vitality and courage live on in modern-day Na'amat - derived from the Hebrew acronym meaning Movement of Working Women and Volunteers.

Today, nearly 100 years later, Na'amat is the largest women's movement in Israel, setting the example in uplifting human rights for thousands of members in nine other countries, including chapters across Canada.

We don't just support our peers with fun social gatherings and fundraising. Many of us get to meet the women and families we help on their own turf, whether at the renowned Glickman Centre for the Prevention of Domestic Violence in Israel, or at women's shelters across Canada when we deliver school supplies for their children.

We've been to vocational schools in Israel talking to teens who might have turned to crime if not for Na'amat, and to feasts prepared by Druze women thankful for the support of our womens' rights' centres. And, some of us even get to toss a wedge of earth at ground-breaking ceremonies for Na'amat's growing network of daycare centres, now at 200-plus.

Our members all have different viewpoints and talents. But we all share a wonder at the dedication of Na'amat's staff and volunteers, and pride in being part of this international sisterhood. Won't you join us!


We’re more than Daycares


Na'amat is the largest women's movement in Israel, setting the example in uplifting human rights for thousands of members in nine other countries, including chapters across Canada.

Many people know us for the daycares that we run in Israel, but we contribute more. In Israel we support:

Watch this short video (in Hebrew with English subtitles) to hear directly from some of the people we help.

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