Some Toronto area events are in person (using Covid 19 protocols).   Other events have been changed to an online format.   Stay tuned and we'll update you as soon as we have additional information.  For more information - please send an email to 

Mah Jongg Cards 2023

Dear fellow Maj players,
We would like to offer you the opportunity to order your 2023 MAH JONGG card(s) and help Na'amat Canada Toronto's Club Aviva help women and children in Israel and Canada.

The National Mah Jongg League will make a donation to Na'amat Canada based on the number of cards ordered.

 Click here to order your cards                                      

Thank you for supporting us.

Debi and Terry, Club Aviva

Canadian funds (Visa or Mastercard Only)           
Standard Print - $19.00                                         
Large Print - $20.00

Please note: Unfortunately, we have to increase our prices due to a 50% price increase from the National Mah Jongg League, and the decline of the Canadian Dollar.

We must receive your prepaid order by January 18, 2023 to meet the League's deadline.

If you would like to order your cards on the phone with your Visa or Mastercard, please call Ronni at 416.636.5425.

Upcoming Event


Na'amat Canada Toronto and Club Daroma present: Lights! Cameras! Action! Wednesday, December 7th. 7:30 via Zoom.  Celebrate Chanukah with award winning filmmaker Michèle Hozer. Michèle creates enlightening documentaries and empowers new female filmmakers.  Hear her story. $18 minimum donation.   Register here 







Club Aviva presents Make your own fruit bouquets; Thursday December 8th 7:30 p.m. ET.  $25 donation for demo in person or on Zoom. Attending in person?  A supplies fee of $10 lets you create and take home your bouquet!  In person at the Borochov Centre, 272 Codsell Ave. Toronto.   RSVP by Dec. 4th.  Register and donate here




Toronto Campaigns and Fundraisers


School Supplies for Kids & Mom's Bags

school-suppliesSchool Supplies for Kids aims to equip children who are being sheltered in domestic violence centres in Toronto with school supplies, educational material and personal effects.

It is Na’amat’s hope that every school age child entering a domestic violence shelter in the Metro Toronto area can be offered a complete set of school supplies including backpacks, lunch boxes, notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, erasers, glue sticks, binders, folders, pencil cases, and as many other necessary school items as possible, prior to the start of the school year.

In 2022, we received 1000 backpack requests and requests for 400 "Mom and Dad toiletry bags" from 14 local shelters. In order to ensure that each child gets a complete set of school supplies we need your help. Please consider making a financial donation that will be used to purchase these important items or help us with a donation of items we can use to put in the backpacks. Click here to read a thank-you letter from one of the shelters.  

We would like to acknowledge the ongoing support from OLG gaming, The Borochov Cultural Centre and Kol Yisroel Congregation, Dr. Jack Fingrut & Associates as well as all of our other donors to this project.

Donations over $18.00 are tax-deductible and will receive a receipt. It’s easy to make a donation. Call the Na’amat office at 416-636-5425 and ask that your donation be directed to the School Supplies for Kids project.

Dollars for David


The Dollars for David campaign is an annual Chanukah tradition for Na’amat Canada Toronto. This fundraising project helps to provide toys, books, games and other holiday treats to the needy children in our Na’amat Israel facilities. Without the help of our loyal donors, many of these young children might have to endure disappointment at Chanukah without treats and toys.

Hundreds of Toronto area school children have jumped on the Dollars for David bandwagon by giving tzedakah, to honour their teachers. Click here to make your donation to the Dollars for David campaign, at any time of the year.

To make a donation now, click here or call our office at 416-636-5425. To see a copy of the letter requesting your donation, click here.

If you wish to make a donation to the Bialik Hebrew Day School teachers and staff, click here to download the form to complete.

Spiritual Adopt-a-Child

adopt-a-childOur Spiritual Adopt-a-Child program provides financial and emotional support for children in Israel, from newborn babies to university graduates.

When you spiritually Adopt-a-Child, you provide the funds necessary to send a child in Israel to one of our world renowned Na’amat Daycare Centres, where the young ones are fed three hot meals a day and are cherished and nurtured by our specially trained staff.

Once children move out of our Daycares, we still watch out for them. Not every student is able to succeed in the regular school system. For these “last chance” children, we offer our Technological and Boarding High Schools to help them make their way through these new educational challenges. With your help, Na’amat students improve their self-esteem.... and learn to succeed on their own.

We are still there to lend a hand even when our children graduate from High School. Some of the lucky ones find themselves at university but are unable to afford the high cost of tuition. Na’amat steps in by offering a series of post-secondary scholarships to ease the financial burden of obtaining a higher education.

Our Clubs

Na'amat in Toronto has a rich foundation steeped in the tradition of working women and volunteers going back to the days when we were known as Pioneer Women. The daughters and granddaughters of the women of clubs Avodah, Borochov Women, Chadera, Club One, Dimona, Eilat, Galila, Golda Meir, Hanita, Havah, Independent Women, Kinnereth, Omna, Rachel and Shalom have followed in their footsteps – transferring their passion for the women and children of Israel to the younger generations we see today.

We are also very fortunate to be able to attract new members as well whose families may not have been involved as “Pioneer Women”. These women have chosen Na'amat to be part of their philanthropic future.  We are thrilled to welcome them into our vibrant sisterhood.


Aliza chapter is a fun group of Israeli women in their 70’s who love to sing, dance and party, while raising money for Israel. They meet every two weeks currently on ZOOM during the pandemic.We help raise money for Dollars for David and other projects in Israel.


Club Aviva Picture.jpg

Club Aviva is a vibrant group of women aged 60 plus who meet generally every third week either in Thornhill or North York, or virtually. We have a wonderful array of programming throughout the year, with topics ranging from the fun and light to thought-provoking and informative. Our speakers are experts on everything from creative arts and health to what's happening in Israel and in our own community. In addition to special fundraising activities, our club sells the annual Mah Jongg cards from October until January. Our Chanukah parties have varied themes with all funds going to Dollars for David.



Beersheba is a special group of women over the age of 70. They focus much of their time on fundraising and delivering quality programming to members. The chapter has more than 60 years under its belt and is still going strong. Their main focus is raising funds to benefit the children who attend Na'amat daycare centres in Israel. Beersheba members have held their Signature Event, Musicales featuring fine musicians, including pianists, flutist, and vocalists.

At club meetings we have another means to raise funds: Half and half draws, Tips for Trips, book lending. and our newest venture: Pennies for Haven.


Club Dafna has a rich history, dating back 30 years. We're a mix of single and married fulltime working women, all with diverse careers and located between Southern Thornhill and the central Yonge/Sheppard corridor. While we may be small in number, we are passionate about the organization. If you are looking for new friends and want to share in new ways to give back to your community, we would love to meet you!


Club Daroma.jpg

Club Daroma, Na'amat Canada Toronto's newest club, caters to talented women in the 55+ age range living in midtown Toronto and further “south” (dah-rohm in Hebrew). Representing many professions and volunteer pursuits, we are committed to helping empowering women and their families here and in Israel.


Club Dayan 50th.jpg

Club Dayan is a Na'amat club that was founded in 1967 and was named after a remarkable Israeli soldier, Moishe Dayan. He was the Minister of Defense during the Six-Day War (1967) and a political statesman. We chose to honour an incredible man.

Our club meetings are held bi-monthly primarily on Zoom or outdoors. Each meeting deals with either club business or hosting interesting speakers from all walks of life.

Yearly, in the autumn, along with two other clubs, we undertake a major FUNdraiser.

Through the years, Club Dayan has been filled with vibrant women.  We are a warm group of members who exemplify the true meaning of “sisterhood”. We welcome new members!



Club Ilana have been meeting since 1976.  They are a small yet vibrant group of women. Each member brings a wide range of personal and professional experiences to the table that allows the club to call on their local experts. The chapter's size encourages these ladies to work efficiently together and allows for partnerships with other Na'amat clubs, for events and fundraising.



Club Masada:

Founded in 1945 by 12 women whose mothers were members of Pioneer Women, Club Masada is celebrating over 75 years of service to Na’amat in Israel and in Canada.We have served as a role model to many clubs in Toronto guiding them in leadership and fundraising along with programming to engage other woman to become part of Na’amat.Two of Na’amat Canada’s most important fundraising projects Chanukah “Dollars for David” and “Spiritual Adopt a Child” were initiated by Club Masada members. We are also proud to have provided Na’amat with seven Toronto Council Presidents and three National Presidents.Several members of our club have been honoured by the Ontario government for volunteering for over 75 years.  We are proud members of Na’amat.

Member At Large

Because there are many women out there who don't have time to join a club right now, but want to belong to Na'amat, there is a special category for them. If you want to support Na'amat social services in Israel and Canada, but don't have time to attend regular meetings, becoming a member at large keeps you informed about all of the Na'amat related events occurring in Toronto, across Canada and in Israel.



We are a dynamic, fun, and successful Club of career-oriented women, mostly in our 40’s and early 50's. Our major fundraiser is the production and sale of our insanely delicious Triple Chocolate Matzo Crunch for Passover. The highlight of our year is getting together in the kitchen to make 1200+ sheets!  We don't always have time in our busy work / kids / life schedules to get together frequently, but with several multigenerational Na'amat committed members, we carry Na'amat in our hearts every day! We can be reached at if you would like to learn more about us.


Club Ruach Picture- members.jpg

Club Ruach is Na'amat Canada Toronto's chapter for young professional women! We are a team of hardworking individuals in our late twenties to thirties who come together to make a difference in both Israel and Canada. Our own lives are enriched by the amazing feelings we get by giving back and through the life-changing friendships we create. Club Ruach runs multiple fundraising initiatives per year, but we are best known for our annual “Go Fish Speed Dating” event, which has been a success for nine years! Dinners, clothing swaps, Blue Jays games, and cooking classes are just some of the fun programs our members have done together. We are actively seeking new members who would like to collaborate on planning new events for our organization and are interested in becoming a part of a wonderful group of young women.   Email to get in touch with our chapter.



Club Simcha Kadima members are from the Thornhill and North Toronto area aged 60-75+. The club is busy with social activities, interesting speakers, and dynamic fundraising. Social activities include outings together, ending each meeting with good conversation, and fabulous food. Speaker topics range from Israel, health issues, travel information, decorating, to cooking, etc. We fundraise for our annual Dollars for David Pot Luck Dinner and most exciting of all most years we hold our annual Bingo at the Borochov Center.


Tamar 2 011815.jpg

Club Tamar has been in existence for over 40 years and some of us have been members since its inauguration. We usually meet bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings on Zoom.  In the winter, our Snowbirds can join us.  In the summer we try to meet in person.

Our focus is helping the women and children of Israel and we do this through our fundraising efforts. By working closely together, we have formed unique and lasting friendships. Our meetings often include wonderful and informative speakers, fundraising planning and there is always social time to get to know each other or just catch up. In addition to Zoom fundraisers the past few years, we have resumed selling tickets to the Curtain Club. 

Being a member of Club Tamar and Na'amat is a most satisfying life experience, and we welcome new members to join us and help create lasting friendships and memories. 

Council Position Descriptions

You can download the pdf that describes all of the positions available and contact the Toronto office to express your interest. Council Executive and Portfolio Chairs 


President's Message

Sally Mintz Levy

It is an honour and a privilege to be President of Na’amat Canada Toronto.

Na’amat Canada, in partnership with Na'amat Israel, is part of a worldwide women’s movement whose ideological roots lie with the founding women of the State of Israel and their vision for social justice and equality. 

Former Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meyerson Meir, was one of Na'amat's earliest members. In the 1930’s as Na'amat's National Secretary, Golda proudly wrote that the organization was "the first and last women's organization for which I ever worked."

During the 1920s and 1930s, Na'amat laid the groundwork for a modern Israeli social services network-- creating training farms for girls; opening hostels and vocational classes for young women and pioneering the concept of “day care,” for children whose mothers were working to build the land and its economy.

Today Na'amat Canada members are successfully raising funds to support a broad spectrum of social, educational and advocacy services in Israel and Canada. We are now welcoming a third generation of Na'amat women, who have grown up with the dreams and ideals of their dedicated mothers and grandmothers.

Having visited some of our facilities in Israel and seeing the results of our endeavors, it makes me want to continue to work harder to help improve the lives of the women and children living in Israel.

I am so proud to be part of this very special organization!

Sally Mintz Levy

Na’amat Canada Toronto President

For more information about our events and programs, contact:
Na'amat Canada Toronto
272 Codsell Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M3H 3X2
Phone: 416.636.5425
Fax: 416.636.5248
Toll Free: 1.888.622.6280