Become a Leader

Leadership Seminars: A Three-Stage Cycle 

Leaders and leadership are vitally important to any organization, and Na'amat is no exception. Starting with the founding mothers of Pioneer Women in the 1920's, Na'amat has been nurturing women and helping to develop Na'amat and community leaders of the future. To this end, Na'amat Canada has developed a three-stage leadership process. This cycle rotates every three years, providing constant training ground for members.

Stage One: Local Leadership Seminar - The first stage is a local leadership seminar that provides information about Na'amat and a section involving skills development and/or self-improvement. All Na'amat members are encouraged to participate. Local Leadership Seminars are held regularly in each city. 

Stage Two: National Leadership Seminar - The second stage is a national seminar that gathers Na'amat leaders from across Canada for an entire weekend of fun and learning. Na'amat leaders, event chairs and other members who have proven to be leaders at the local level are selected to participate. The national seminar provides an opportunity to travel to meet the dedicated Na'amat women from across the country to share ideas. Seminarists come away with a better understanding of how Na'amat Canada operates. 

Stage Three: Israel Leadership Seminar - The third stage is by invitation only! Select Na'amat leaders from across the country, who have gone through the first and second stage leadership seminars, are invited to attend the week-long Freda Sohmer Leadership Seminar in Israel to meet the dedicated leaders of Na'amat Israel and to experience our organization first-hand. The seminarists travel across Israel and visit many Na'amat installations. This fabulous trip through Israel imbues our up-and-coming leaders with a deeper understanding of the vital social services that Na'amat provides, and the crucial role that it plays in Israel. Participants are asked to make a commitment of leadership service to Na'amat Canada, meaning that they pledge to take on further leadership responsibilities within Na'amat Canada. Leadership seminarists have gone on to be Event Chairs, Chapter Presidents, City/Council Presidents, National Board Members, National Committee Chairs and even National President of Na'amat Canada.

For more information about Na'amat Canada Leadership Seminars, contact the Membership Committee Chair, via the Na'amat Canada National Office: