Father's Day Tribute Wall

Father's Day - June 20, 2021

On Father’s Day 2021, our generous donors honour the special men in their lives with gifts to the “Abba Project” at the Glickman Center for the Prevention of Violence in the Family, in Tel Aviv, in support of men struggling with fatherhood. 

Na’amat Canada salutes all these special men and gratefully acknowledges the support of our donors. 

In Honour of:

Bernie Adler

Larry Anklewicz

Glenn Archinoff

Terry Creatchman

Alan Dessau

Larry Dunkelman

Henry Glazer

Neil Glazer

Rick Goldberg

Jonathan Gordon

Nahum Halpern

David Inhaber

Hart M. Levy

Adam Noodelman

Jack Noodelman

Mitchell Novick

Lionel Sabbah

Brian Sacks

Harold Schwartz

Sheridan Schwartz

Nafi Schwarzenberger

Joshua Segal

Allan Seigel

Murray Sheckter

Garry Wolk

Richard Wyce

Jared Yellin

Joel Yellin

Geoff Zalter

Michael Zbriger


In Memory of:

Sheldon Chester z"l

Sam Dessau z"l

Albert Dunkelman z"l

Henry Fayerman z"l

Charles (Karcsi) Feher z"l

Sam Shlomo Laufer z"

Cecil Ritter z"l

Jerry Seigel z"l

Rouben Kadoory Shemie z"l

Lewis E. Tauber z"l

Learn more about the  "Abba Project"