Capital Campaigns

At each Triennial National Convention, Na’amat Canada, in conjunction with Na’amat Israel, commits to raise funds for special projects in Israel. These are known as capital campaigns.

For the term 2020 to 2023, we have agreed to two projects:

Abba Project

One capital campaign for this term is the Abba project. This new initiative is being undertaken at the Na’amat Canada Glickman Centre for the Prevention of Violence in the Family.  The centre also features a multi-purpose children’s centre, lovingly created in memory of Rhodie Blanshay Benaroch z”l, a third generation Na’amat member. In addition to the shelter and the children’s centre, counselling is offered in another wing. The new Abba project (Abba is Hebrew for father) aims to bring in more resources to increase the counselling which will lead to improved situations in these families. Research has shown that improving a father’s relationship with his children leads to a lower incidence of domestic violence. Na’amat Canada will be raising funds over the next three years to support this initiative. Read more about this project in an article by Ronit Lev-Ari, advisor to the centre.

Kanot Youth Village

Kanot is one of Na’amat’s youth villages in Israel. This school, which spans the middle and high school grades, serves a diverse population of over 600 students, many of whom come from underprivileged families. It focuses on giving disadvantaged students the tools they need to succeed, while allowing them to make a positive contribution to Israeli society. When Kanot opened, it offered courses in agriculture and farming, but has now expanded to offer training in veterinary, criminology and police studies. The program also includes all the subjects needed for matriculation and a high school diploma.

The demand for these programs has become so great in Israel that only a quarter of applicants can currently be accommodated. Na’amat Canada has pledged to raise money this term to expand capacity for middle-school aged students to enter. The classrooms are currently housed in temporary structures and a permanent building is required. We are raising funds over the next three years to supplement money that will be provided by the government. It will be known as the Canadian wing.