Words from our President

It is my honour to represent Na’amat Canada. I, alongside my amazing executive hope to make the 2017-2020 term one to be proud of. Each member of the Board brings unique talents and strengths to the Board and I look forward to getting to know and work with each of them.

The Membership Committee is led by Brenda Fayerman (of Montreal) and will focus on both membership growth and retention. Our Education Committee led by Susan Inhaber (of Calgary) will focus on educating our members about how we operate as an organization both in Israel and here in Canada and will be updating the website. Our Development Committee will be led by our Vice President, Dr. Sandi Seigel (of Hamilton) and will focus on using social media and supervising the company we hire to spread the word about Na’amat Canada’s work throughout our country. The Governance Committee continues to be led by Immediate Past National President, Sarah Beutel-Morgan (of Ottawa) and will continue to focus on making sure we abide by the policies instated by the Canadian government allowing us to be a charitable organization. Our Financial Secretary, Terry Dykopf along with the rest of the Executive make up the Financial Committee where we try to be as fiscally responsible as possible, allowing as much of the funds raised as possible to go to Israel where they are needed.

Our new Capital Campaign 2017-2020 will continue to focus on both expanding the dormitories at Kanot, one of our agricultural schools as well as updating and renovating the Or Yehuda Ha’histadrut Multi- Purpose Centre which also looks after 104 toddlers and babies in its’ daycare centre. These two projects combined to a grand total of $250,000 which was requested from Na’amat Israel to be donated over the next 3 years from Na’amat Canada. In addition more funding is always required to maintain the various programs already in existence which need our funds to continue on, many of which are featured on our website.

During my term as president, my wish is to meet you all! Feel free to contact me personally at doris.wexler@naamat.com should you have any questions or ideas for new projects!

Doris Wexler-Charrow


Doris Wexler-Charow

Na’amat Canada, President