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I am Here for You

Na'amat Canada "I am here for you" video. Some of the areas that Na'amat helps victims of domestic abuse. Poem written by Anonymous, Music by Bruce Kanzer, narration by Elana Dunkelman, video editing by Jeff S. Brodie. All rights reserved 2017 by Na'amat Canada

Kanot Youth Village Dormitories Renovations

One of the Na'amat Canada Fundraisers for 2017 - 2020 is to raise money to build and renovate dormitories at the Kanot Youth Village. This video from Na'amat USA describes what the project is about.

School Supplies for Kids in Calgary

Na'amat Canada Calgary and the Calgary Roughnecks pack backpacks for children in Calgary area shelters as part of Na'amat Canada School Supplies for Kids project.

School Supplies for Kids in Ottawa

The Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation (ODBF) is pleased to present Na'amat Canada Ottawa with a $3,000 donation. The ODBF's donation will support Na'amat Ottawa's School Supplies for Kids program which provides children in local women's domestic violence shelters with backpacks full of school supplies.

Na'amat's objectives include developing projects and programs which respond to the needs of disadvantaged women and children in the community, and fundraising to support the vast network of social services and educational facilities Na'amat has developed and maintains for needy women, youth and children of all religions and ethnicities.

International Day for Combating Domestic Violence

November 25 is the International Day for Combating Domestic Violence. Na'amat Israel, decided to raise this issue to the public awareness in a creative way.

Na'amat approached a very well known singer, Yardena Arazi, who agreed to make a new version to the song "A new woman".

Click here to download the English translation of the words and the text in this video.

Na'amat International Solidarity Conference

Chaverot from Na'amat around the world got together in Israel from February 10 - 16, 2015 to clebrate and learn from each other. This video shows the highlights from this trip. Only have time to watch the 7 minute edited version? It can be seen here.

Na'amat Israel Educational Services

This video (with English subtitles) describes some of the educational services provided by Na'amat in Israel and the effect on the students.

Perpetual Scholarships

Na'amat's Perpetual Scholarship Programme awards 190 university scholarships to Israeli women each year. This video talks about the program and several recipients talk about the difference it has made in their lives.

Shalom (Peace) Day Care Centre in Jaffa, Israel

An overview of Na'amat's Shalom Day Care Centre, a multicultural child care facility in Israel.

Shalom (Peace) Day Care Centre in Jaffa, Israel

“This group of sweet children from the Na'amat Shalom Day Care Centre in Jaffa are bilingual. From an early age they learn to identify the identity of each other. They are the true bridge between Jews and Arabs and they represent the way Na’amat builds the bridges between the two people.

Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik, actor, scholar, author, and mom speaks on behalf of Na'amat Canada, a Zionist women's fundraising organization supporting vital social services for women and children in Israel.

Beit Canada (Ramat Gan) Daycare

This Na'amat Canada Clip is an overview of the 2011-2014 Beit Canada Daycare Campaign. This capital campaign strives to raise funds for the much needed renovations to this daycare centre, in Ramat Gan, Israel.

Extended Services Daycares

This clip describes the services of the Na'amat Extended Services Daycares for children at risk in Israel. (They are also known as the pajama daycares,) Parents bring their children as early as 7 AM and can pick them up as late as 7 PM (ready for bed).

Once Upon a Time…

Na'amat Canada commercial release for Cineplex movie theatres. A glimpse of Na'amat Canada's raison d'être.

Think Israel Think Na'amat

Na'amat Canada general promotional video (part of the Membership Handbook). This film features a handful of stories from women, children and youth who have been helped by Na'amat.

International Woman's Day 2011

A message from Talia Livni, President of Na'amat Israel on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of International Woman's Day.