We are a group of women between mid 20s to early 40s who get together approximately every 1-2 months for gatherings. We’ve had movie nights, Shabbat potluck dinners & baking for Jewish holidays. We are passionate about supporting women and children in Israel & locally in Edmonton.



Women between 50 to 65 years of age. We tend to be good friends who enjoy each other’s company at different events (celebrations, coffee meetings, card games, Sunday brunches, Saturday night outings and walks in the neighbourhood), but we are always looking for “new friends”!

As you would guess, we talk “shop” or Na’amat almost every time we get together. A core group of us began the chapter over 25 years ago and most have been members and held various roles for the more than 25 years of Tikvah’s existence. Our children went from learning how to crawl, walk and talk to getting married and having children of their own. We enjoy our traditional meetings such as Hamentaschen Baking and a Sukkah Hop just as much as having a variety of speakers, season opening and closing programs, and organizing fundraising activities.

We are passionate about Na’amat and its mandate and take pride in being a part of this amazing organization.