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Club Tamar has been in existence for over 40 years and some of us have been members since its inauguration. We usually meet bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings in each other's homes, September through June. Our winter schedule allows for one meeting in January and one in February and to make it easy, we meet on a Sunday morning. Our summer schedule has one meeting in July and our annual BBQ in August.

Our focus is helping the women and children of Israel and we do this through our fundraising efforts. By working closely together, we have formed unique and lasting friendships. Our meetings often include wonderful and informative speakers, fundraising planning and there is always social time to get to know each other or just catch up.

Fundraising activities include an event in November with a live band (in conjunction with Clubs Dayan and Ilana). In addition, we sell tickets to a preview performance of the Curtain Club. In June, we participate at the Israel Day Festival.

Being a member of Club Tamar and Na'amat is a most satisfying life experience and we welcome new members to join us and help create lasting friendships and memories as we help others in need.