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Mar 3, 2022


As the literacy lead in my school, I worked hard to advance the idea of reading at home.  Books were sent home so that students could read to their parents, practicing the skills that we were working on. But I also encouraged parents to read to their children because I felt that it was such an important part of helping children learn and succeed.  

Feb 7, 2022

TRIGGER WARNING: This blog post contains information about domestic abuse and/or violence which may be triggering to some.

Over the past few months, I have been part of an art project in my community, where local artists instruct us (via Zoom) on various techniques to create portraits of ourselves through art.  One of the workshops focused on tackling “rage and healing” through comics.  What an eye-opener!   More

Jan 23, 2022

I loved reading as a child and into my teens. I would go to the library and choose a stack of books and then come home to start reading. Sometimes, I would read a few chapters of the first one, but then I became  curious about the next one and then I would  have two books stacked on my lap,  alternating between the chapters in each. I went on adventures with Pippi and Miss Pickerell, nursed along with Cherry Ames and read about Homer Price. Not one to like ‘scary’ books, I read only a few Nancy Drews to keep up with my friends, but I remember reading many horse books.  Novels soon gave way to textbooks. I even worked  at the library from junior high until my university years. More...