Jun 19, 2020

Club Masada is 75 years strong

Begun in 1945 as a part of Pioneer Women in Toronto, by 12 young women, they blossomed over the years. The young brides and mothers met on a regular basis in their homes. These women shared a belief in Tikuun Olam and the burgeoning State of Israel as a national Jewish home. Their members created innovative fundraisers and programs, some of which we still carry out today. Sylvia Mirsky z”l and Ruth Leroy z”l established Adopt-a-Child, while Goldie Burstein who visited Israel saw the need for gifts for children at Hanukkah. This gave us Dollars for David. Tillie Margolis, who worked on behalf of Na’amat with the CZF, helped transition Israel Day Festival from a small shuk to the large party it is today. Bess Direnfeld Plosker has made membership her priority from the beginning. “Without members, we cannot fund-raise.”Masada CJN 053019Club Masada members took on major leadership roles in Toronto and on the National Board. Five served as Toronto Council presidents while 3 served as National Board presidents. In addition, Masada women headed and served on countless committees at all levels of Na’amat Canada.

At its height, Masada had 90 members who refused to split up the group even though they still met in each other’s homes. Today, the Masada members who are in their 90s meet regularly for lunch and are still fundraising.

Club Masada, you are mentors and role models to us and to future generations of Na’amat women. We are in awe.

Yasher Koach