May 19, 2020

Yom Yerushala Reminiscing with Masha Luelsky

On May 18, we had another Zoom meeting with Shirli Shavit and special guest Masha Lubelsky. 

Masha spoke to us about the uplifting and emotional topic of Yom Yerushalayim (beginning Thursday evening, May 21, 2020).  She recapped the powerful moment when she heard that the Kotel had been recovered.  In the Six Day War, her husband served in the army and offered a first-hand account of events.  East Jerusalem was recovered for all Jewish people and in memory of those who did not live to see that day. 

Masha describes Yom Yerushalayim not just as a religious day, but also a day to remember the soldiers who risked (and sacrificed) their lives to liberate the city.  Today, Jerusalem is accessible to all.  The city built by King David and home to holy sites that are precious to three major religions can celebrate enduring freedom.

We then sang Yerushalayin shel Zahav together.  Here's a link, if you’d like to sing along.

Masha Lubelsky was Secretary General of Na'amat from 1981 until 1992. As a member of the Labor Party, she served in the Knesset from 1992 to 1996, and was appointed Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade. Currently, she sits as a member on the World Zionist Organization (WZO) Executive.  

We also had an update from Shirli Shavit, the on Na’amat operations in Israel.

All Na’amat daycare centres are to open this week, carefully following safety guidelines from the Ministry of Health.  They are planning on being in full operation within 2 weeks. 

One particularly dark aspect of the Coronavirus pandemic is the increase in domestic violence.  In Israel, ten women have been murdered by their partners thus far in 2020, the majority of which occurring during the pandemic lockdown.  In the latest case in Ramat Gan, the victim was only 22 years old.  Na’amat is imploring the new government to offer assistance to women in need.   You can read a report of this latest murder here.

Unfortunately, an additional “echo” crisis is expected to follow the lockdown due to higher rates of unemployment and poverty.  Na’amat is preparing to do all we can to help as many people as possible.