Nov 10, 2019

Testimonials from Israel

We’re more than Daycares

Na'amat is the largest women's movement in Israel, setting the example in uplifting human rights for thousands of members in nine other countries, including chapters across Canada.

Many people know us for the daycares that we run in Israel, but we contribute more. In Israel we support:

Daycares - around 200 - including 24 extended services daycares for at-risk children 

Technological High Schools 18 – including 8 in the Jewish Sector and 8 in the Arab Sector

University Scholarships - 190 Scholarships and 8 Ph.D. Grants (4 in Gender Studies, 4 in Science) each year 

Na’amat Canada Glickman Centre for Family Violence Prevention – housing 50 abused women and their children at any time; plus an additional 1000 men and women in the Open Counselling Section each year 

Legal Aid Bureaus (25 locations) and Women’s Rights Centres (5 locations) – providing aid to 8000 women each year 

Health Care Centres & Health and Empowerment Centres  - 2 

Watch this short video (in Hebrew with English subtitles) to hear directly from some of the people we help.

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