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Thursday, May 17, 2018 we celebrated one milestone birthday celebration you did not want to miss! We honoured a Na'amat legend and leader - Marking her 100th year and counting, Ruth Rotman ( Na’amat Canada Toronto Council President, 1959-1961 and National Na'amat president, 1969-1972). A true "Pioneer" woman in every sense of the word!   Funds raised will be used to enhance the Petach Tikva Women's Rights Center in Israel.  The cost will be $100 and the event will be held at the Borochov Cultural Centre beginning at 6:30 pm. T make a donation to honour Ruth Rotman, call the Toronto office at 416-636-5425 or click here for an online transaction.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 to Thursday, August 16, 2018 at the Borochov Centre, we will be packing School Supplies and Toiletry Items for the Toronto area shelters that we support. This is an Annual Humanitarian Project of Na’amat Canada Toronto.  Calling all volunteers.  We have tasks for children, teenagers and adults of all ages.  We have a special request for teenagers on Tuesday to help us set-up.  Volunteer hours will be provided.

When we need volunteers:

  • Tuesday, August 14, 2018 -  9:30 am - 4:00 pm - Organizing, sorting and packing
  • Wednesday, August 15, 2018 -  9:30 am - 4:00 pm - Remainder of sorting and packing
  • Thursday, August 16, 2018 -  9:30 am - 2:00 pm (or until completed) - Remainder of packing and clean up
Contact the office at 416-636-5425 or by email at  if you are able to help 
Photographs taken at these events will be used in Na’amat Canada and partner organization print and online publications

Items for Sale

Teddy Bears are for sale. They are $18 and proceeds go to the Emergency Campaign. Purchase and pick-up are from the Na'amat office. Call 416-636-5425 to arrange the purchase.

Our Clubs

Na'amat in Toronto has a rich foundation steeped in the tradition of working women and volunteers going back to the days when we were known as Pioneer Women. The daughters and granddaughters of the women of clubs Avodah, Borochov Women, Chadera, Club One, Dimona, Eilat, Galila, Golda Meir, Hanita, Havah, Independent Women, Kinnereth, Omna, Rachel and Shalom have followed in their footsteps – transferring their passion for the women and children of Israel to the younger generations we see today.

We are also very fortunate to be able to attract new members as well whose families may not have been involved as “Pioneer Women”. These women have chosen Na'amat as to be part of their philanthropic future and we are thrilled to welcome them into our vibrant sisterhood.

Get to know our clubs and find your place with Na'amat Toronto by clicking below:

Link to our clubs can be found in alphabetical order

  • Ruach
  • Rimon
  • Aviva
  • Dafna
  • Simcha-Kadima
  • Dayan
  • Ilana
  • Tamar
  • Aliza
  • Beersheba
  • Masada
  • Member at Large





An article was published in the second issue of Jewish Review (Fall 2013). Click here to read the article.

Council Position Descriptions

You can download the pdf that describes all of the positions available and contact the Toronto office to express your interest - TO Council Exec and Portfolio 2016


Toronto Campaigns and Fundraisers

School Supplies for Kids

school-suppliesSchool Supplies for Kids aims to equip children who are being sheltered in domestic violence centres in Toronto with school supplies, educational material and personal effects.

It is Na’amat’s hope that every school age child entering a domestic violence shelter in the Metro Toronto area can be offered a complete set of school supplies including backpacks, lunch boxes, notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, erasers, glue sticks, binders, folders, pencil cases, and as many other necessary school items as possible, prior to the start of the school year.

In 2013, we received over 1400 backpack requests from 12 local shelters. In order to ensure that each child gets a complete set of school supplies we need your help. Please consider making a financial donation that will be used to purchase these important items or help us with a donation of items we can use to put in the backpacks.

Donations over $20.00 are tax-deductable and will receive a receipt. It’s easy to make a donation. Call the Na’amat office at 416-636-5425 and ask that your donation be directed to the School Supplies for Kids project.

Dollars for David


The Dollars for David campaign is an annual Chanukah tradition for Na’amat Canada Toronto. This fundraising project helps to provide toys, books, games and other holiday treats to the needy children in our Na’amat Israel facilities. Without the help of our loyal donors, many of these young children might have to endure disappointment at Chanukah without treats and toys.

Hundreds of Toronto area school children have jumped on the Dollars for David bandwagon by giving tzedakah, to honour their teachers. Click here to make your donation to the Dollars for David campaign, at any time of the year.

To make a donation now, click here or call our office at 416-636-5425. To see a copy of the letter requesting your donation, click here.

If you wish to make a donation to the Bialik Hebrew Day School teachers and staff, click here to download the form to complete.

Spiritual Adopt-a-Child

adopt-a-childOur Spiritual Adopt-a-Child programme provides financial and emotional support for children in Israel, from newborn babies to university graduates.

When you spiritually Adopt-a-Child, you provide the funds necessary to send a child in Israel to one of our world renowned Na’amat Daycare Centres, where the young ones are fed three hot meals a day and are cherished and nurtured by our specially trained staff.

Once children move out of our Daycares, we still watch out for them. Not every student is able to succeed in the regular school system. For these “last chance” children, we offer our Technological and Boarding High Schools to help them make their way through these new educational challenges. With your help, Na’amat students improve their self-esteem.... and learn to succeed on their own.

We are still there to lend a hand even when our children graduate from High School. Some of the lucky ones find themselves at university but are unable to afford the high cost of tuition. Na’amat steps in by offering a series of post-secondary scholarships to ease the financial burden of obtaining a higher education.

Pay your Na'amat dues online

To pay your dues on line - you may use this option. NOTE: You will still have to pay your club dues to your club Treasurer. (Members at large do not have club dues.) Please specify your club before clicking through for payment. NOTE: If you do not know if you are a lifetime member, you probably pay Annual dues. Click here to pay on line

General Donations / Payments

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