Agricultural High Schools

Na’amat runs two agricultural villages – in the rural towns of Ayanot and Kanot. These high schools each serve a diverse population of some 500 students, many of whom come from underprivileged families. The students regard these schools as a second home, and a place of learning and socializing.

Both schools were founded to teach newly-arrived Jewish immigrants how to work the land. Today, they focus on giving disadvantaged students the tools they need to succeed, while making a positive contribution to Israeli society.

Although both schools began as a way of teaching newly arrived Jewish immigrants how to work the land, today, each school focuses on giving students the tools they need to succeed and to make a positive contribution to Israel’s society.

Along with traditional agriculture and farming programs, Ayanot and Kanot offer, courses in veterinary, criminology and police studies in addition to all subjects needed for the matriculation exams and a high school diploma.

As they learn new skills and get encouragement from teachers and peers, these young people gain pride in themselves and hope for the future.