School Supplies for Kids

School Supplies for Kids is a Na'amat Canada program that aims to equip children who are being cared for in regional domestic violence shelters with school supplies. Volunteers from Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto have worked tirelessly to ensure that children in their local shelters have to tools they need to start the school year off on the right foot.

Typically, battered women and their children arrive at domestic violence shelters with little or no money and with very few personal possessions. One counsellor compared it to escaping a fire: “…most of the women and children arrive with just the clothes on their backs.”

Emotionally, the women and children are in a state of trauma as they leave everything behind to start a new life. For safety reasons, the children now have to enter new schools. This experience alone is stressful, but not having their basic school supplies adds to their anxiety.

school-supply2Since its inception in 1998, the Na'amat School Supplies for Kids program with the support of concerned individuals, corporate sponsors, and volunteers, has provided thousands of children in domestic violence shelters with school supply kits, thus enabling these children to re-enter the school system with hope and dignity. In addition, these school supply kits let the children know they are not forgotten and that their education is very important.