University Perpetual Scholarships

Na'amat's Perpetual Scholarship programme awards nearly 200 university scholarships to Israeli women each year. By doing so, these women of merit gain the opportunity to attend institutions of higher learning and complete their Bachelor and Master degrees. The criteria for selection ensure that qualifying women from all of Israel's social circles are fairly represented. Na'amat scholarships offer recipients opportunities to develop the skills and education they need to escape poverty, enter promising careers and make their mark on Israeli society. We believe that through this important programme, we contribute to the advancement and empowerment of a future generation of women.

University Research Grants

Na'amat also offers awards for annual research grants that help women pursue their PhDs in the fields of women’s status and gender studies.

Einav's Story

Einav Dagan received a scholarship from NA'AMAT 2 years ago for her Psychology studies towards Master degree.

"I indeed do army reserve duty one day per week as a combat navigator at the Israeli Airforce in a F-16 fighter aircraft.

I volunteer at a non-profit association called “Common Denominator,” which engages in education for gender quality in schools. As part of the volunteer work, I conduct 90-minute seminars for female middle and high school students (there are volunteers who conduct seminars for boys). In the seminar we examine the stereotypes of women and the way in which they are created and maintained (films, advertising, societal norms, behavior etc.), as well as their impact on us (politics, salaries, senior positions etc.). The objective of the seminar is raising awareness of the tracking that women undergo and fostering freedom of choice.

In regard to studies, they were very interesting and satisfying, both the studies themselves and the practical work at Ichilov Hospital. Later on, I’ll also be looking for an internship in the field of my studies – adult clinical psychology, and I hope to find this soon.

As for myself, in general I can say that life is beautiful and smiling on me, and that I am enjoying the journey."

Michal's Story

My name is Michal Shevach, I am 32 years old, married and have a beautiful two year old daughter.

During my Ph.D. studies, I was honored to receive your generous scholarship which provided me the means to do good research without stressing about the need for money. My Ph.D was in the field of heart tissue engineering. It was very captivating and demanding work in which we have developed several inventions that we believe will benefit in the future with patients suffering from heart problems such as a heart attack. We have published many papers in scientific magazines and graced several covers.

I am now in the final stages of finalizing my thesis and since January I am working in a company named IBR, located in Yavne Israel. IBR develops, manufactures and markets innovative and proprietary natural active ingredients for the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. I work in the research and development department as the lead scientist of the company. I am responsible for both the research of new actives and also the maintenance of the existing products, i.e "solve the problems" for the production team. The work is interesting, challenging and I learn a lot from it. I also work on research patent-related issues and have collaborations with leading researchers both in industry and academia.

Thank you again for your support, it is much needed and it has a great impact on young women in science.