Daycare Centres

Na'amat Delivers Quality Child Care

daycare-4Na'amat is the largest source of childcare in Israel and is world renowned for its progressive early childhood education. More than 18,000 youngsters arrive each morning at one of the 233 Na'amat daycare centres throughout Israel. Na'amat Canada is proud to support these essential childcare facilities that provide quality education to Israeli preschoolers.

Personalized Education

Innovative programming emphasizes individual attention as well as group activities. Curiosity and a love of learning are developed as boys and girls are encouraged to play and explore. Teachers are attentive, nurturing, and watchful for possible learning disabilities. Above all, our facilities provide a warm, secure and homelike atmosphere where youngsters can have fun!.

daycare-2Extended Hours

Twenty-four of our Na'amat Daycare Centres are open from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm, in order to accommodate the extended working schedules of parents. These centres also cater to children from under-privileged families with special needs; psychologists and social workers are on hand to provide the support these children require.

Accessible to All

Wherever childcare is needed, Na'amat is there to provide it. Our facilities are located in remote towns as well as well-established cities; either close to or inside the parental workplace. Our centres welcome all Israeli children. In order for these services to be accessible to all, tuition for Na'amat childcare services is on a sliding scale, based on the family's ability to pay.