Mission Statement

Na’amat Canada, in partnership with Na'amat Israel, is part of a worldwide women’s movement whose ideological roots lie with the founding women of the State of Israel and their vision for social justice and equality. 

In constant reaffirmation of our ideals, we, in Na’amat Canada vow to:

  1. Support and enhance the status of women, children and families and persons in need in Israel and in Canada.
  2. Support, assist and improve the social and economic conditions of working women, children and families in Israel.
  3. Cooperate with other organizations having similar aims and objectives.   

Among the first to embrace feminist ideals, the women of Na'amat Canada will continue to be innovative leaders in meeting the needs of an ever-changing world.

Our Ideals:

We, the members of Na'amat Canada, pledge to:
  • Enhance and safeguard the status of women, children and families in Israel and in Canada
  • Empower the individual through advocacy and education
  • Foster mutual respect in a diverse society
  • Respond to humanitarian concerns in an evolving social environment
  • Inspire our youth with Zionism and a sense of social justice
  • Promote Jewish identity to ensure Jewish continuity
  • Strengthen the bonds between Israel and the Diaspora, and within our communities
  • Support the State of Israel as a secure, democratic and pluralistic society and homeland for the Jewish people